SafeFrame® Lite Shelters

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GRS are proud to launch the new SafeFrame® Lite (SFL), a brand new way of dealing with both immediate and long-standing shelter requirements.

In the past you may have bought tents that have been difficult to build, arrived with loose and/or missing components and generally not withstood the test of time.

SFL25 External Side 2
SFL25 External Side
SFL25 External Front

GRS’s new SFL is designed and manufactured with:

  • GRS’s patented SafeFrame® all-in-one frame design with no loose components making the shelter extremely easy to construct – 3 people in 10 minutes giving a 25sqm covered shelter area.
  • No tools or MHE required
  • A lightweight frame of T6086 aircraft grade aluminium
  • A canvas of UN approved high density polyethylene (HDPE) wrapped either side in low density polyethylene (LDPE) giving a proven tensile and tear strength with built in UV protection.
  • An optional PE sunshade/thermal fly
  • A weight of 70 kgs in TOTALITY

Designed to offer greater longevity than a simple poly-cotton tent (with an anticipated life of 36+ months), the SFL is also designed to allow the introduction of local materials such as bamboo, wood or tarpaulins to augment its weather resistance and comfort should that be a consideration.

GRS are proud to have designed the next generation of lightweight yet robust shelters!