SF Decontamination Shelters

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Mass Decontamination Unit – MDU

The SFMDU is a rapid deploy 2 lane Mass Decontamination Unit, for use where high capacity and speed of availability are critical at the scene of a Major Incident; It is the National Standard for Mass Decon for the UK Ambulance Service.
The MDU comprises 1-off SF36, 1-off SF18 and 1-off removable Decon Cell.
SETUP TIME = 3 People in 10 minutes

Safeframe15 Decontamination Shelter – SF15

Click here to see the SF15 Datasheet
The SF15 is a rapid deploy shelter suitable for a range of purposes from Command & Control through to Mobile Decontamination. Specifically designed for the hospital environment, this All-In-One version is supplied in 2 bags for ease of storage and maneuverability.
SETUP TIME = 3 Person Set up in 4 mintues

Safeframe3 – SF3

Click Here to View the SF3 Datasheet

The SF3 is a self-contained, rapid deployment Portable Emergency Shower with an integral water system. Designed specifically for One-man/ PPE/ VIP Decontamination, the system is easy to transport, rapidly deployable by 2 people and ready to use, even in the remotest areas.
SETUP TIME = 2 People in minutes