Patient Isolation and Infection Control

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Patient Isolation and Infection Control

As part of our rapid deploy solutions, GRS offers infection and isolation control services to help first responders perform a wide range of roles in any medical emergency. Call 01928 575307 with your Requirements Today!

ISOPOD – Protection from Infectious Diseases


ISOPOD Contaminated Casualty Handling

Providing safe isolation and transportation of infectious or contaminated patients and any “off gassing” is mitigated and neutralised.
Our ISOPOD offers a full solution for recovery, evacuation, treatment, processing and, where necessary, final disposition of victims.

Download the ISOPOD Datasheet

Isolation and Infection Control Shelter

Infection control

Rapid Deploy Infection Control Shelter

Providing safe isolation system to ensure state of the art performance, reliability and speed of deployment.
This rapid deploy system is capable of performing a wide range of roles and uses including;

– Temporary negative / positive pressure facility
– Waiting rooms / surge capacity
– Intensive care
-Triage Chamber
– Isolated Triage


Disrobe / Rerobe Kits

Disrobe Suit

Disrobe Suit


Re-robe Suit

Disrobe and Re-robe clothing packs are used as a solution for identifying casualties and presenters who have not yet been through the  decontamination process, as well as identifying the people who have been through the process.

Download the STANDARD Disrobe/Re-robe Datasheet

Download the ECONOMY Disrobe/Re-robe Datasheet







Post Mortem POD


Human Remains Pouch

Designed to protect medical teams and the environment from contaminants when working with potentially contaminated cadavers. 

Download the Post Mortem Pod Datasheet




In my opinion the quality of materials and workmanship is excellent. Also the Customer Service during the order, invoicing and after sales has been outstanding.”  Nigel Stafford, Senior Services Manager – British Red Cross Northern Scotland

Call 01928 575307 with your Requirements Today!