Nuclear Isolation & Containment

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Nuclear Isolation & Containment Solutions

As part of our rapid deploy solutions, GRS offers a bespoke design and install solution for C2/C3 containment shelters, whether they need to be mobile and resusable or static.

Nuclear-Use Containment Shelters

Nuclear-Use Containment SheltersGRS now offer an approved Complete Off the Shelf solution (COTS) for C3-level containment.  In field use by a number of UK Nuclear sites

Click Here to Read the Nuclear-Use Containment Shelters Case Study





 Nuclear-Use Glove and Shielding Transfer Bags

Nuclear-Use Glove and Shielding Transfer BagsConceptualised in conjunction with RPA specialists with over 15 years’ experience, these glove bags are designed specifically for use in the Nuclear industry. The purpose is to provide containment for loose radioactive material which has the potential to spread, or to become an airborne hazard.