Containment Sumps & Basins

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Decontamination – Containment Sumps & Basins

Containment basins capture biohazard and waste‐water run-off from infection control and decontamination operations. Can be used as a stand-alone option or within a Decontamination Shelters. Sumps available in various sizes and designs to accommodate personnel and vehicle decontamination.

Articulating Sump Basin

Articulating Sump BasinPatented articulating frame provides speed of deployment, and reliability with a compact pack-down size for easy transport and storage

Click Here to Download the Articulating Sump Basin Datasheet


HAZMAT Sump Basin

HAZMAT Sump Basin

The HAZMAT basin functions in the same way as the standard model, but with high chemical resistence for extreme scenarios.


Click Here to Download the HAZMAT Sump Basin Datasheet



 Large scale containment

Large scale containment

Inflatable containment sumps designed specifically for collection of waste water from vehicle decontamination

Click Here to Download the Large Scale Containment Datasheet