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GRS is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist rapid deploy decontamination/containment shelters and temporary structures for GLOBAL Defence, Homeland Security, Disaster Response, Emergency Preparedness and Nuclear markets

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Rapid Deploy Shelters

rapid deploy shelters



Collective Protection

collective protection

Containment & Isolation

Containment and Isolation

Humanitarian Shelters

Humanitarian Shelters

 The decontainer is the gold standard in hospital decontamination. There are numerous benefits to the hospital’s resilience capabilities: throughput of casualties is increased compared to other more traditional decontamination shelters. There are no manual handling requirements, staff training is minimised, patient modesty and comfort issues addressed and time into operation is unrivaled by any other decontamination shelter.” – Allan Cordwell, Emergency Planning Manager / C.B.R.N.E. Tactical Co-ordinator, Penine Acute Trust