GRS Provides Light Decon Shelter Upgrades to the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

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GRS win long term decon shelter contract for ADF

Battlefield and subsequent fighting force contamination isn’t an issue that can be taken lightly and so when the Australian Defence Force enlisted GRS’s help in supplying their lightweight decon shelter requirement back in 2013, it was clear that GRS would be engaged long term in ensuring that the equipment stayed current and effective.

GRS won that contract back in 2013 in competition with 21 globally recognised companies for a supply that offers rapidly deployable decontamination provision to the Australian Special Forces in remote theatres of operations around the world.

GRS’s range of SF shelters are rugged, weatherproof, waterproof structures that can be erected in minutes in times of urgency where speed saves lives, and without the need for external power or special tools. For more product details go to

Further to a newly issued contract, it has been agreed that GRS will provide upgrades to the ADF’s original decontamination provision so that the full decon system, and not just the decon shelters, are as technologically advanced and effective as they can possibly be.

The new system upgrades will include integration of additional equipment such as mobile water heaters, sump pumps, casualty conveyors and waste water containment bags to ensure any cross contamination is minimised and that all resources are kept safe.

Dave Watson, Managing Director of GRS says

This is clearly another high profile win for GRS and I’m proud to say that the last 2 years of supply and relationship building have turned GRS into a significant supplier for one of the major fighting forces of the world.

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