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GRS is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist rapid deploy decontamination/containment shelters and temporary structures for GLOBAL Defence, Homeland Security, Disaster Response, Emergency Preparedness and Nuclear markets

Rapid Deploy Shelters and Tents for Decontamination and Containment

Primarily a manufacturer of rapid deploy shelters, GRS has huge experience in configuring product designs to suit varied and specific challenges; we pride ourselves on working in close partnership with our customers to develop and create new solutions and meeting their individual needs – this bespoke design service is almost unique.

Users who have chosen GRS’s dependable solutions include the Department of Health Emergency Preparedness Division, Australian Department for Defence, UK Ambulance Service, UK Acute Trusts, UK Police Forces, Fire & Rescue Services and the British Red Cross, as well as Emergency Responders within Critical Infrastructure companies such as British Telecom (BT).

SafeFrame® Tents

collective protection

GRS have designed and patented the SafeFrame® range of Rapid Deployment shelters for uses in conditions where our customers need  a ruggedized and weather resistant, reliable and long lasting safe working area. The SafeFrame® has a variety of applications including Casualty Clearing Centres, Field Hospitals, Command & Control Centres, Temporary Mortuaries, Medical Surge facilities, C3 Nuclear containment and Mobile Decontamination Units. Find out more


Economy POD

See our range of Glove Boxes, Bags and Isolators, Nuclear Isolation and Containment, and Patient Isolation and Infection Control solutions.
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GRS can supply a wide range of decontamination shelters, containment sumps & basins, Soft-wall, hard-wall & inflatable shelters, as well as personal decontamination equipment.
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Inflatable Shelters

inflatable shelter

GRS are proud to announce the launch of the SafeAir range of Inflatable Shelters – Available in ANY SIZE and ANY COLOUR!
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