Collective Protection (COLPRO)

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Collective Protection (COLPRO) Systems

GRS design and build COLPRO systems in both soft and hard wall shelter form.

Built to the customer’s exacting requirements, GRS use a wide range of technologies and accessories to create Toxic Free Areas (TFAs) allowing a safe and clean working area in potentially hazardous zones.

Together with our partner suppliers GRS are also going further to develop new technologies to enhance existing systems and create the next generation of COLPRO. For example we are now able to offer a new lightweight (2 man portable) air filtration unit (AFU) that offers greater portability and therefore connectability than ever before.

Another example of our partnership approach to system development is our newly formed association with one of the foremost manufacturers of Air Conditioning Units (ACUs) in the world. Based in Denmark, Dantherm  have supplied to over 100 Defence Forces around the world and have a 50 year history. This excellence augments GRS’s development and allows us to be able to truly say that we can offer an excellence in collective protection (COLPRO) systems.